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This collection of historical artifacts has been assembled since 1987 by Doug and Amy Strong. The focus of the collection is medieval Europe but the collection also included objects from cultures before and after the medieval period. The main bulk of the collection ranges from the Roman period to the period of the English Civil War (1640s.)

The pieces are of every type though a strong emphasis has been placed on buckles and spurs. Both the collection of spurs and the collection of buckles are among the largest private collections of these items outside of Europe.

This site was last updated on March 1st, 2008

We currently have 1900 artifacts from the collection online.

This site is entirely search driven. You can choose either an item type or a culture/period or a Material Type or all three from pull down menus. These will find every item which fits the match and pull them up for you to see. You can refine this by using keywords alone or in conjunction with the pulldown menus.