Hywel's Line

1. Angharad Merch Maredudd: Born about 982, of Deheubarth, Wales; Married about 1058; Llywelyn Ap Seisyll, King of Deheubarth and Gwynedd: Born about 980 of Rhuddlan Flintshire, Wales; Died 1021/1023. (See Princes of North Wales)

2. Maredudd Ap Owain: Born about 938, of Deheubarth, Wales; Died about 999; Married Mrs. Maredudd Ap Owain: Born about 943 of Llandilo, Carmarthshire, Wales.

3. Owain Ap Hywel: Born about 913 of Dynevor, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales; Died 987 Married Angharad Verch Llewelyn: Born about 918, of Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Angharad's Father, Grandfather and Great Grandparents--

Owain's Parents--

4. Hywel Dda "The Good" or "the Lawgiver" Ap Cadell: Born about 887, of Deheubarth, Wales; Died 950; Married Elen Verch Llywarch: Born about 893, of Dyfed, Wales; Died 943.

Hywel's Parents--

Elen's Parents--

5. Llywarch Ap Hyfaidd: Born about 867 of Dynevor, Wales; Died 904.

6. Hyfaidd Ap Bleiddig: Born about 820, of Dyfed, Wales; Died 893.

7. Bleiddig (Bledri): Born about 790, of Dyfed, Wales; Married about 819; Tangwystl Verch Owain: Born about 794, of Dyfed, Wales.

Tangwystl's Father--

Bleddig's Parents--

8. Ovei: Born about 775, of Byzantium.

9. Margetuit: Born about 760, of Byzantium.

10. Teudus: Born about 745, of Byzantium.

11. Regin: Born about 730, of Byzantium.

12. Catgocaun: Born about 715, of Byzantium.

13. Cathem: Born about 700, of Byzantium.

14. Cloten: Born about 685, of Byzantium.

15. Nougoy: Born about 670, of Byzantium.

16. Arthur: Born about 655, of Byzantium.

17. Petr: Born about 640, of Byzantium.

18. Cincar: Born about 620, of Byzantium.

19. Guertepir: Born about 600, of Byzantium.

20. Aircol: Born about 580, of Byzantium.

21. Trifun: Born about 560, of Byzantium.

22. Clotri: Born about 540, of Byzantium.

23. Gloitguin: Born about 520, of Byzantium.

24. Nimit: Born about 500, of Byzantium.

25. Dimit: Born about 480, of Byzantium.

26. Maxim Gueletic: Born about 460, of Byzantium.

27. Ytec: Born about 440, of Byzantium.

28. Ytecior: Born about 420, of Byzantium.

29. Ebiud: Born about 400, of Byzantium.

30. Eliud: Born about 380, of Byzantium.

31. Stater: Born about 360, of Byzantium.

32. Piresmesser: Born about 340, of Byzantium.

33. Flavius Valerius II Constantinus, Roman Emperor: Born 317 of Naissa, Nis, Yugoslavia; Died 340, Italy.

34. Flavius Valerius I Constantinus, Roman Emperor: Born about 288 Naissa, Nis, Yugoslavia; Died 337; Married Princess Fausta Maximianus.

Fausta's Parents--

Flavius' Parents--

35. Constantius Chlorus, Roman Emperor: Died 306, Britain; Married St. Helena.

36. Coel, King of Britain: Died 232; Married Strada "the fair", Queen of Britain.

37. Cadwalladr (Cadvan), Prince of Britain: Born about 193; Married about 218; Gladys, Princess of Britain.

38. Lucius the Missionary, King of Britain.

39. Coel (Coilus) "Old King Cole", King of Britain: Born 125, of Britain; Died 170.

40. Cyllin, King of Britain: Born about 99 A.D., of Britain

41. Caradoc Caractacus: Born 40 A.D.; Died 80 A.D.

42. Bran "the Blessed", King of Britain.

43. Lear (Llyr), Celtic King of Britain: Born 10 A.D.; Married Penardim, Celtic Queen of Britain: Born about 1 BC, Jerusalem, Judea. (See Kings of the Celts)

44. Baran, Celtic King of Britain.

45. Ceri, Celtic King of Britain.

46. Gwyn, Celtic King of Britain.

47. Caid, Celtic King of Britain.

48. Arch, Celtic King of Britain.

49. Meirion, Celtic King of Britain.

50. Ceraint I, Celtic King of Britain.

51. Berwyn, Celtic King of Britain.

52. Morgan, Celtic King of Britain.

53. Bleddyn, Celtic King of Britain.

54. Rhun, Celtic King of Britain.

55. Ithel, Celtic King of Britain.

56. Liarian, Celtic King of Britain.

57. Teuged, Celtic King of Britain.

58. Llyfeinydd, Celtic King of Britain.

59. Peredur, Celtic King of Britain.

60. Gwerydd, Celtic King of Britain.

61. Ithon, Celtic King of Britain.

62. Cymryw, Celtic King of Britain.

63. Brutus Brwt, King of Britain: Born 1100 BC, Italy.

64. Silvius, Celtic King of Britain.

65. Aseanius, Celtic King of Britain.

66. Aeneas, King of Latium: Born 1177 BC; Married Creusa, Queen of Latium.

67. Anchises of Ilium, Prince of Troy: Married Venus of Ilium.

68. Capps of Ilium, Prince of Troy: Married Themis of Ilium.

69. Assaracus of Ilium, King of Dardanum.

70. Tros of Ilium, King of Troy: Born 1314 BC; Married Callirhoe of Ilium, Queen of Troy.

71. Erichthonius Ilium, King of Troy: Born 1374 BC; Married Astvocho Ilium, Queen of Troy.

72. Darda or Dardanus, King of Troy: Born about 1710 Rameses, Goshen, Egypt; Died about 1610 Rameses, Goshen, Egypt; Married Basia or Asia Ilium, Princess of Troy.

Basia' Father--

Darda's Father--

73. Serah (Twin of Pharez) (Zarah): Born about 1738 Hebron, Canaan, Palestine; Died about 1638 Rameses, Goshen, Egypt;

74. Judah the Patriarch: Born 1752 BC, Canaan, Palestine; Died after 1693 Rameses, Goshen, Egypt; Married about 1739 Hebron, Canaan, Palestine; Tamar: Born about 1765 Hebron, Canaan, Palestine; Died about 1665 Rameses, Goshen, Egypt.

75. Jacob of Israel: Born 1837 BC, Padan-aram; Died 1690 BC, Goshen, Egypt; Married 1798 Haran, Padan-aram; Leah: Born 1829 Haran, Padan-aram; Died 1745 Hebron, Canaan, Palestine.

Leah's Parents and Grandparents--

Jacob's Parents--

75. Isaac: Born 1896 BC, Padan-aram; Died 1716 BC, Canaan, Palestine; Married 1856 Haran, Padan-aram; Rebekah: Born 1912 Haran, Padan-aram; Died after 1720 Beersheba, Canaan, Palestine.

Rebekah's Parents through Great-Great-Great-Grandparents--

Isaac's Parents--

76. Abraham (Abram): Born 1992 BC, Chaldea; Died 1817 BC, Canaan, Palestine; Married about 1963 Ur, Chaldea; Princess Sarah (Sarai): Born 1986 Ur, Chaldea; Died 1871 Hebron, Canaan, Palestine.

77. Terah: Born 2221 BC, Ur, Chaldea; Died 1992 BC, Padan-aram; Married Ur, Chaldea; Amtheta.

78. Nahor I: Born 2050 BC, Ur, Chaldea; Died 2002 BC, Ur, Chaldea; Married Melcha.

79. Sargug or Serug: Born 2180 BC, Ur, Chaldea; Died 2049 BC, Ur, Chaldea

80. Rue: Born 2212 BC, Salem, (Jerusalem), Canaan; Died 1974 1973 BC, Ur, Chaldea.

81. Peleg: Born 2241 BC, Salem, (Jerusalem), Canaan; Died 2004 2003 BC, (Jerusalem), Canaan.

82. Haber (Eber) the Patriarch: Born 2276 BC, Salem, (Jerusalem), Canaan; Died 1812 BC, (Jerusalem), Canaan.

83. Salah: Born 2307 BC, Salem, (Jerusalem), Canaan; Died 1873 BC, (Jerusalem), Canaan.

84. Prince Arphaxad: Born 2341 BC, Salem, (Jerusalem), Canaan; Died 1903 BC, (Jerusalem), Canaan.

85. Shem Melchizedek: Born 2441 BC, Shulon, East Eden; Buried 1842 Salem, (Jerusalem), Canaan; Married 2400 BC, Shulon, East Eden; A daughter of Eliakim

Shem's Parents--

A daughter of Elikiam's Father--

86. Eliakim

87. Methuselah the Prophet: Born 3312 BC, Zion, East Eden; Died 2344 BC, Shulon, East Eden; Married about 3126 BC, Zion, East Eden. (See Kings of Ireland)