An Analysis of 1300 Effigies

Dated Between 1300 and 1450

Douglas W. Strong

  • This project was started to answer a couple of simple questions about when particular pieces of armour came into and went out of fashion. In particular I was interested in the date range of the centrally hinged visor on bascinets and when uncovered globose body defenses came into popularity. 


  • While searching for the answers to these questions I thought it might be interesting to examine all the parts of armour in the age of the transition from mail to plate. What follows is the result of that search. 


  • I have done my best to be as methodical and complete as possible. However some errors are certainly going to be present. For those errors I take full responsibility. 


  • The dates used for this analysis were based on the date of the creation of the effigy (where available) rather than the date of death of the person portrayed. 


  • The data is inclusive of both flat monumental brasses and three dimensional monumental effigies.  


600 English Effigies

300 German Effigies

300 French Effigies

1300 Effigies From All Countries

Effigies and Brasses: Database & Image Collection.