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Talbot's Arms This collection of jewelry and accouterments are made by Douglas and Amy Strong. The Strongs have been building a personal collection of medieval antiquities for the past 11 years. They are especially interested in acquiring "objects of everyday life" of the medieval time period: buttons, buckles, munitions grade armour, brooches, rings, shoes, clothing, coins. They pride themselves on the accuracy of the objects that they sell! Much of our jewelry is made using casting and etching techniques described in detail in Vannoccio Biriguccio's 1540 book Pirotecnia.

The Replica Collection

While every piece we make is intended to follow the highest standards of authenticity, all of the items offered in the Replica Collection are made in molds taken from original antiquities. This is as close to perfect as you can get! Each piece has every detail that the original had (including any flaws.) They are lovingly cast in bronze, brass, silver or pewter, whichever would be most appropriate for the piece. Each piece is guaranteed to be taken from an authentic original, most of which come from our private collection. Each item is the replica collection bears a the notation "Replica Collection"

Talbot's Fine Accessories and Revival Clothing 

Join Forces!
We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with Revival Clothing in order to bring you an even broader range of offerings. Now you may combine purchases from Talbot's Fine Accessories and Revival Clothing in a single order.

Viking and Anglo-Saxon Items
High Medieval and Later Items
Pilgrim's Badges, Tokens and other Religious Items
Buckles, Belt Fittings and Plaque Belts
9th Through 15th Century Spurs
Buttons, Rings, Paternosters and Sundries

Revival Clothing


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